Transport Support

What is Transport Support?

Transport Support refers to services that help individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities get to and from different places. This could include getting to work, school, medical appointments, social activities, or other community events. It’s an essential service that helps individuals participate fully in community life, maintain their independence, and access necessary services and supports.
The goal of transport support is to ensure that individuals with disabilities can travel safely and conveniently, enabling them to participate fully in their community, access services, maintain social connections, and live independently. At Perfect Care, we offer personalised transport support services tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each individual.

What is included in Transport Support?

Transport support can take several forms, depending on an individual’s specific needs and circumstances:

What will my transport arrangement look like?

The specific arrangement of your transport support will depend on your individual needs, abilities, and circumstances. Here’s what your transport arrangement might look like:
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