CB Daily Activities

What is CB Daily Activities (NDIS)?

Also known as NDIS improved daily living, CB Daily Activities is a subcategory of your Capacity Building NDIS budget. This category covers therapies and professional services that contribute to your goals to build life skills and everyday independence. These particular therapies can be received individually or in a group setting. They can also extend to your carers or families who require training to support your life skills development.

What does CB Daily Activity cover?

As mentioned, CB Daily Activities covers therapies and professional support services involved with building your life skills. This may include:

How do these therapies contribute to building life skills?

Example 1:

One of your goals is to improve your communication and social skills. Your NDIS funding (CB Daily Activity category) could pay for a speech therapist or counsellor to help you develop the skills required to reach this goal.

Example 2:

You have a goal to improve your daily independence. Your NDIS funding could provide for in-home cooking lessons so you can prepare your own meals; or training to catch public transport and plan trips so you can travel independently.

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