Behaviour Support

What is Behaviour Support?

Supported Independent Living is funded by the NDIS and offers help and/or supervision of daily tasks so participants can live as independently as possible, while also building on their everyday skills. Supported Independent Living is for those with high support needs—that is, people who require daily assistance or supervision in order to live independently. This service therefore involves paid personal support and tailored care that is most commonly provided in shared living arrangements.

What is included in SIL?

The type and level of support you receive from Care Assure will depend on your unique situation, independent supported living goals and daily needs/NDIS core support. We will work with you to provide the necessary support required to live as independently as possible, while also keeping your aspirations in mind.
Care Assure can also help you develop these skills, through Capacity Building. This way, you can learn to carry out more everyday tasks on your own and start living life more autonomously.

What will my living arrangement look like with SIL?

Supported Independent Living is most common in shared living arrangements. This is when someone is living in a group home, usually with 4 to 5 other people. You can also get SIL when living on your own, however there may be other NDIS services that are better suited to you in this situation. SIL is also available for those looking to arrange long-term respite care for the disabled..
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